Why it works

MCHC from New Zealand is an extract from whole bone. Bones are not just made of calcium, they contain many other trace elements needed for bone growth. True MCHC features lattice-shaped intricate crystalline structure which is of great clinical interest to bone specialists today.

• The MCHC-treated group showed a 6.1% increase in bone density; controls lost 5.5% during the 12-month treatment period.

• The net increase in bone density in the MCHC group over controls was 11.6% Epstein O, et al. Vitamin D, MCHC in treatment of cortical bone thinning in postmenopausal women with primary biliary cirrhosis. AJCN 1982 Sep; 36(3):426-430

Our MCHC is an even a new pioneer in bone health as it also regulates the distribution of calcium into the blood and thus other substances are not pulled from the body to maintain proper ratios of calcium and other substances.

The study, in the October 2016 Journal of the American Heart Association, showed that the risk of developing new calcifications in the coronary (heart) arteries, a marker of atherosclerosis, was 22 percent higher in calcium supplements. Other foundations have done studies on calcium and see no issues. Bone Evolution is time released just to make sure there is no worry for you.

What to watch out for with Calcium Supplements

Calcium Carbonate is the cheapest form of calcium is basically chalk. Hard to digest and poorly absorbed (Beth Ley)

Calcium Citrate vs Calcium Carbonate and Placebo in 301 women. Calcium Citrate did a better job at bone loss but all 3 suffered bone loss from the spine.

MCHC (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite) The only substance known to grow cortical bone in critical areas like the spine, hip and neck.

Many use Bone Meal or bad MCHC has difficulty from high heat used to manufacture which destroys the protein matrix and other substances making it useless.

Why we care

Practitioner Care is dedicated to giving people only products that are clinically proven to work and to do so at a lower price by selling direct to consumers.

Practitioner Care is also dedicated to educating and reaching out to doctors that when they advise patients to take a calcium they now have one that they can recommend and trust for results and safety.

Bone Evolution The most expensive pill you can take is one that does not work and now consumers who need support with bone loss and bone fractures have bone growth instead and at a lower cost.

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