Category: Bone Loss


How much bone do you lose?

Women lose on average 50% cancellous bone 

and 30% of cortical. Men lose 30% and 20% of the same.

Category: Osteoporosis


What is Osteoporosis?

The loss of normal bone density with the development of holes 

in the bone. It means porous bone.

Category: Risks


What puts you at risk?

Alcohol, Smokers, Thin people, Caffeine and Women, 

but it still effects Men.

Category: MCHC


What makes MCHC (Bone Evolution) superior to calcium??

MCHC unlike calcium products has all of the components of 

bone including Type 1 Collagen and Bone building protein 


Category: Bone Evolution


What makes Bone Evolution unique?

Bone Evolution is whole bone extract with numerous clinical 

trials for its efficacy. Calcium is a major part of Bone but does 

not contain all of the necessary ingredients and properties. 

Most calcium just does not work and at best may slow bone 

loss. Bone Evolution has been shown to regrow bone.

Category: Heart Issues


I have heard Calcium can have some heart issues?

There are varied studies and responses but the many 

conclusions say that it does not affect the heart. The new 

advanced Bone Evolution distributes calcium in a time 

released form so the blood does not get overloaded and thus 

gives added protection to the heart.

Category: Studies


What do the studies say?

MCHC that is freeze dried and comes from New Zealand 

shows that MCHC is superior to calcium and studies confirm 

calcium may have a little to no benefit. Bone Evolution has 

proven clinical trials to build bone. The clinical trial section 

shows the proof and we encourage your doctor to see this.

Category: Bone Loss


When do you start losing bone?

At about 30 you reach peak bone mass and then start to lose 

bone over time. Bone loss is something that should be 

addressed much earlier in life.

Category: Similarity


Is all MCHC the same as Bone Evolution?

No some MCHC comes from areas that have a history of Mad 

Cow Disease, use older bone that has high levels of lead or 

heat treated material. Bone Evolution gets it’s MCHC from New 

Zealand a proven safe country for no problems with cattle. It 

uses young bovine so there is no worry about lead and it is 

freeze dried. Some companies use heat and that destroys the 

protein and collagen matrix and takes away the product to 

work effectively.

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